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We are missionaries in the country of Lesotho, Africa. We are helping to plant churches, train leaders for ministry, distribute Bibles and Christian literature, and help with humanitarian projects.

Church Planting


Pastors who work with HIM in Lesotho and South Africa
tent meeting

Glenn preaching at a tent meeting

Child Evangelism

Open-air service in a village

Training Leaders


Students at HIM's weekend Bible School
tent meeting

Some of the students who helped with a tent meeting

Books that have been translated into Sesotho for the Bible School curriculum

Distributing Bibles and Christian Literature


We sell Bibles at a price people can afford.
tent meeting

We travel from village to village.

Christians from South Africa and Lesotho assist HIM missionaries with this ministry

Helping with Humanitarian Projects


50% of the children in Lesotho have lost at least one of their parents due to AIDS
Christmas for orphans

HIM is helping to care for some of these orphans.
Rev. Pheko

Rev. Tsikane Pheko and his wife are raising eleven orphans.
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